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Vite Plugin

@lingui/vite-plugin is a Vite plugin, which compiles .po catalogs on the fly and provides additional required configuration for Vite.


Refer to Setup with Vite for a full installation guide.


Install @lingui/vite-plugin as a development dependency:

npm install --save-dev @lingui/vite-plugin


Simply add @lingui/vite-plugin inside your vite.config.ts:

import { UserConfig } from 'vite';
import { lingui } from '@lingui/vite-plugin'

const config: UserConfig = {
plugins: [lingui()]

Then in your code all you need is to use dynamic imports to load only necessary catalog. Extension is mandatory.

export async function dynamicActivate(locale: string) {
const { messages } = await import(`./locales/${locale}.po`);

i18n.load(locale, messages)

See the guide about dynamic loading catalogs for more info.

See Vite's official documentation for more info about Vite dynamic imports.


You also need to set up babel-plugin-macros to support macros.