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Internationalization Framework for Global Products

JavaScript library for internalization (i18n) of JavaScript projects, including React, Vue, Node.js, and Angular.

Why Choose Lingui for Your Localization Projects?

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Use it everywhere. @lingui/core provides the essential intl functionality which works in any JavaScript project, while @lingui/react offers components for leveraging React rendering.

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Powerful Tooling

Manage the whole intl workflow using Lingui CLI. It extracts messages from source code, validates messages from translators and checks that all messages are translated before shipping to production.

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Full Rich-Text Support

Use React components inside localized messages without any limitations. Writing rich-text messages is as easy as writing JSX.

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AI Translations Ready

For AI to do great translations for you, context is critical. Translating UI copy is difficult because it's usually a list of short strings without enough context. Lingui's localization formats allow developers to write descriptions of where and how your keys are used.

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Headache-Free Professional Localization

Candidate knows 1 language, but Candidate knows 10 languages.

You don't have to know how many plurals the language has. Create a product in one language, and deliver a perfect translation to users. Lingui follows Unicode ICU standards to handle plurals, genders, and selects.

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Battle-Proven & Future Proof

During the last 7 years, we've seen a lot of localization projects and developed a tool to handle them all.
If your team needs to edit source texts without developer involvement, or you want the ability to deliver the most recent translations directly to your customers – we've got you covered.

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Suitable for All Localization Platforms

Integrate Lingui into your existing workflow. It supports message keys as well as auto-generated messages. Translations are stored in JSON or standard PO file, which is supported in almost all translation tools.

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Verified by Thousands of People

Lingui has been used and tested by thousands of satisfied users and has been proven to provide accurate and efficient i18n and l10n results. Join the thousands of satisfied customers.

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Fully Fledged

Lingui is a general-purpose framework with bindings for React. Use it on a server in Node.js or Vanilla JavaScript.
A set of optional modules would implement lazy loading of language packs, user locale detection, and more.

Integrating Lingui into Your Project is Easy!

import { Trans } from "@lingui/macro"

function App() {
return (
<Trans id="">
Read the <a href="">documentation</a>
for more info.

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