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Webpack Loader

It's a good practice to use compiled message catalogs during development. However, running compile everytime messages are changed soon becomes tedious.

@lingui/loader is a webpack loader, which compiles messages on the fly:


Install @lingui/loader as a development dependency:

npm install --save-dev @lingui/loader


Simply prepend @lingui/loader! in front of path to message catalog you want to import. Here's an example of dynamic import:

Extension is mandatory. If you use minimal or lingui file format, use .json. In case of using po format, use .po.

export async function dynamicActivate(locale: string) {
const { messages } = await import(`@lingui/loader!./locales/${locale}/messages.json`)
i18n.load(locale, messages)

See the guide about dynamic loading catalogs for more info.