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Snowpack Plugin

It's a good practice to use compiled message catalogs during development. However, running compile everytime messages are changed soon becomes tedious.

@lingui/snowpack-plugin is a Snowpack plugin, which compiles messages on the fly:


Install @lingui/snowpack-plugin as a development dependency:

npm install --save-dev @lingui/snowpack-plugin


Simply add @lingui/snowpack-plugin inside your snowpack.config.js:

module.exports = {
plugins: [

Then in your code all you need is to use dynamic imports to load only necessary catalog. Extension is mandatory. In case of using po format, use .po.

export async function dynamicActivate(locale: string) {
let catalog: {messages: Messages}

switch (locale) {
case 'cs':
catalog = await import('./locales/cs/messages.po')
case 'en':
catalog = await import('./locales/en/messages.po')

i18n.load(locale, catalog.messages)

Comparing to Webpack instructions for dynamic loading, code snippet above doesn't rely on variable locale to do the actual import.

Instead, we manually check every possible value using switch/case and import final catalog by exact path. This is default behavior (or restriction?) of esbuild - extremely fast JavaScript bundler used by Snowpack under the hood.

There is an issue regarding this feature Similar restrictions apply to Babel macros or other non-standard features - they won't work with esbuild

See the guide about dynamic loading catalogs for more info.